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Carnivora Vegetables and Fruit 4lb Sleeve – $4.24/lb


Carnivora Vegetables and Fruit portioned in .5lb patties

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Carnivora Vegetables and Fruit allow you to add just the right amount of veggies into your dog’s meal! Some dogs need more greens for fiber, some dogs need less! Use Carnivora’s veggie mix to tailor your dog’s meal just right keeping in mind most diets do not exceed 25% veggies.

Specific ratios of Vegetables ‘n’ Fruit can provide therapeutic advantages for pets that have diabetes, pancreatic, liver or advanced kidney disorders. Some dogs may require extra fiber in their diet to keep them satisfied while on a weight loss program. The fiber in Vegetables ‘n’ Fruits and Beef Green Tripe influences the rate of passage of food through the intestine by increasing or slowing stomach emptying, but specific effects vary with the amount fed. Excessive dietary fiber is associated with adverse effects such as the production of loose stools; flatulence, increased stool volume and frequency, and decreased dietary caloric density.


Ingredients: Finely ground romaine lettuce, loose-leaf lettuce, bok choy, celery, carrots, apples, pears, blueberries



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