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Carnivore’s Kitchen Rabbit Pupperoni


Fully cooked, high-value pure rabbit treats

Each package contains 10 pupperoni sticks

*Refrigerate after opening and use within 14 days

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Carnivore’s Kitchen Rabbit Pupperoni is a chewy, high-value reward that your pet is sure to love. Suitable for both cats and dogs, and made with just 3 ingredients: rabbit meat, rosemary extract, and sea salt – that’s it!

The pupperoni sticks are easy to cut into small pieces for use as training treats or stuffing into a treat dispenser, or give your pet a chunk for a healthy and yummy snack, and only 30 calories per stick! As these are a natural, preservative-free pepperoni, you should refrigerate and use within 14 days after opening. 

  • Made in Canada in small batches
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • No fillers & no preservatives

Ingredients: Rabbit, Natural Rosemary Extract, Sea Salt & Mixed Tocopherols.

Carnivore’s Kitchen Rabbit Pupperoni Nutritional Facts

Calories 15 per 1 stick (20g)
Carbohydrates 0%
Fibre 0%
Sugar 0%
Protein 4g
Sodium 4%
Potassium 2%
Calcium 1%
Iron 4%
Fat 0%

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