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Furry Leg of Lamb Dehydrated


Furry Leg of Lamb Dehydrated!

Fur is an excellent source of natural insoluble fibre for your pet’s diet.

Stinky & delicious! Sold per piece.

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Furry Leg of Lamb Dehydrated

Treat your pup to the ultimate sensory experience with our Furry Leg of Lamb Dehydrated! Sourced from premium lamb, these legs are carefully dehydrated with the skin and fur left intact, creating a stinky and delicious chew that dogs of all sizes will love.

Not only is it irresistibly tasty, but it’s also a long-lasting chew that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours. The tough texture ensures a satisfying gnawing experience that promotes dental health and helps to alleviate boredom.

And that’s not all – our lamb legs double as a toy! Watch as your pup delights in tossing, chasing, and tugging on this unique treat, turning snack time into playtime.

Treat your beloved companion to a taste of nature’s bounty with our Furry Leg of Lamb Dehydrated – because every chew should be an adventure!

*True Carnivores recommends that you always supervise your pet while chewing on Furry Leg of Lamb Dehydrated, and to ensure you select chews are bones that are appropriate for your pet’s size and chewing style. For more information on feeding raw bones, check out our guide.

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