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Freeze-dried Beef Tripe Treats 80 Grams


Freeze-dried Beef Tripe Treats 80 Grams

100% Beef Tripe, derived from grass-fed, pasture raised beef.


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Tripe is the lining and/or contents of the stomach of ruminant animals such as cows or beef. It is high in protein, probiotics, enzymes, natural vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats. Tripe is one of the few food sources that contain an ideal ratio of omega-3: omega-6 fatty acids and also contains the ideal 1:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio. The great thing about tripe is it provides your dog with the benefits of vegetation complete with the enzymes needed to break it down and utilize the nutrients.

Tripe has a distinct smell that dogs love! Making it a great choice to entice picky eaters!

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