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Adored Beast Healthy Gut


Healthy Gut – the perfect blend of Pre/Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

Available in 41 and 83 gram containers.

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Healthy Gut by Adored Beast Apothecary is a powerful Digestive Enzyme / Pre & Probiotic. It helps rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed through antibiotics and toxins in your pets body. Healthy Gut aids in the digestion of food and supports a healthy immune system.

Ingredients: ox bile substance (3.5 mg), papain 50 000 pu (5 mg), betaine hcl (10 mg), bromelain 2400 gdu (15 mg), pancreatin 8x (50 mg), larch arabinogalactan (800 mg), multi strain probiotic blend (30 billion cfu).

Ingredient info:

Ox Bile: Ox Bile Substance stimulates bile secretion and thereby improves fat emulsification and absorption, prevents gallstone formation and could be beneficial in liver disease

Papain : a substance derived from the unripe tropical fruit papaya, is a proteolytic enzyme. Chemicals in Papain may increase immune system function and they may also promote the release of natural chemicals that attack tumor cells. Papain is antiparasitic.

Bromelain: a proteolytic enzyme derived from pineapple. Taken with food, it aids in the proper digestion and absorption of food as it breaks down protein. When it is taken between meals, it is absorbed intact and circulates through the body where it exhibits anti-inflammatory and pain relieving actions. It is beneficial for the cardiovascular and circulatory systems

Pancreatin 8X USP: derived from porcine pancreatic tissue. It has eight times more enzyme activity than the USP standard. This product provides protease, lipase and amylase to assist digestion. When taken away from food, it exerts anti-inflammatory and pain relieving actions. Protease – Supplemental proteases are beneficial in pancreatic insufficiency and where additional enzymes are required. Proteolytic enzymes taken away from food can absorb into the body whole and help reduce inflammation and pain. Taking protease separately from other enzymes can help the body fight pathogens, eliminate waste and toxins, and provide enhanced immune support.

Lipase – Lipase is a pancreatic enzyme that hydrolyzes lipids. It is used in indigestion, IBS, allergies, and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Amylase – Amylase digests polysaccharides into smaller disaccharide units, eventually converting them into monosaccharides such as glucose. Amylase is involved in anti-inflammatory reactions such as those caused by the release of histamine and similar 

Directions: Add to meals according to your dog and/or cats weight dosage. Dosage is the suggested daily amount, but it is recommended to split this evenly across meals if feeding more than once per day.

For Animal Use Only!



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