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One Ingredient Beef Trachea Pieces One Pound


Available in a one-pound value pack

Split trachea chews are an easy chew for small to medium pets

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One Ingredient Beef Trachea Pieces

One Ingredient Beef Trachea is a great treat for dogs of all age and size. They take a while to chew down and they are also filled with glucosamine that does wonders for joint health! One Ingredient Beef Trachea’s are sliced making it easier for smaller and older dogs to chew. These low-odour chews taste great and are mess free making them perfect for keeping indoors! Our Beef Tracheas are made using only a single protein and are fully digestible making them safe to eat.

Use as a treat or Stuff with raw then freeze and serve as a meal.

Ingredients: 100% Beef Trachea

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