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One Ingredient Collagen Dental Chews 7 Pack


Beef collagen chews last approximately 20% longer than a standard bully stick! Great for dogs that love to chew.

Approximately 6″ in length and available in a package of 7 sticks.

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One Ingredient Collagen Dental Chews are made from the inner layer of cow skin (called the corium) which contains a lot of collagen. The elasticity of the corium makes it a safe substance to chew, and it’s easy for dogs to digest.

Benefits of Collagen Sticks

In addition to providing mental stimulation and entertainment, collagen sticks also offer physiological benefits for your dog. As your dog chews, the collagen breaks down into peptides and amino acids that help:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Improve bone strength
  • Support skin health and moisture retention
  • Make your dog’s coat shiny
  • Promote dental health through saliva secretion and tartar removal

These treats originate from South America and are chosen from facilities that far exceed those of the pet food industry. The beef comes from free-range cattle that feed off the green fields of South America. They are allowed to mature naturally. Raising cattle this way provides for lower fat and calorie beef which also demonstrates a higher amount of omega 3 fat.

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