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One Ingredient Lamb Lung Cubes


Dehydrated lamb lung in cubed pieces

Available in two sizes:

  • 200g for $16.95
  • 1lb (454g) for $34.95 – save $3.53!

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One Ingredient Lamb Lung Cubes are a lightweight and low-calorie treat suitable for both cats and dogs. These bite-sized pieces are a great snack, training or reward treat. Lamb lung is high in iron, vitamins, and minerals. 

Sourced from premium quality lamb, these treats are meticulously dehydrated to preserve their natural flavors and nutrients, ensuring a wholesome snack for your beloved companion.

Each cube bursts with savory goodness, tantalizing your dog’s taste buds with the irresistible aroma and rich taste of real lamb. Packed with protein and essential vitamins, these treats not only satisfy your dog’s cravings but also promote their overall well-being and vitality.

Whether used as a reward during training sessions or simply as a wholesome snack between meals, our lamb lung cubes are sure to become your dog’s favorite go-to treat. With their crunchy texture and savory flavor, these treats provide endless moments of joy and satisfaction for your furry family member.

Indulge your dog with the goodness of real lamb and treat them to a taste experience they’ll crave time and time again with our dehydrated lamb lung cubes.


Ingredients: lamb lung



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