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One Ingredient Pacific Capelin 150g


Crunchy, dehydrated fish treats.

Available in a 150g bag.

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Pacific Capelin

These are a crunchy, dehydrated fish treat that is packed with omega-3’s! Break them into pieces for a healthy training treat, or keep them whole for a high-value reward.

If you’re familiar with our super popular Dehydrated Anchovies, these are the jumbo version, about 3-4 times the size for extra snacking goodness!

  • Dehydrated Capelin is easy to break into pieces and packed with nutrients
  • Locally-sourced capelin is a perfect training treat
  • Capelin contains omega-3’s for joint support and heart health
  • High in selenium, capelin provides immune system support



Crude Protein – min. 53.8%

Crude Fat – min. 6.0%

Crude Fibre – max. 0.9%

Moisture – max 7.0%

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