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Prepared Quail without Feathers (3-Pack)


Works great as a meal or a snack for dogs and cats!

Hormone and antibiotic-free

Available in a pack of 3 quail

Earn 12 points!

Prepared Quail

Quail is a delicious meal for your cat and dogs! Rich in nutrients such as calcium, taurine, vitamins, etc as it is a whole animal being fed. Quails are also great for cleaning teeth as the quail encompasses all the bones that are great for “teeth brushing” such as neck bones, wings, and backs. Because of the meat on the quail, it can also be used as a whole meal for both your cat and dog.

Cats especially love quail! Try cutting it in halves or quarters to introduce to your cat.

As the organs have been removed and the body cavity is hollow, this is a great item to stuff with things like tripe, organs meats or fish for an even more nutritious meal!

For more information on feeding your dog raw bones, check out our blog post.


Whole Quail (feathers, organs, head and feet removed.


1 for $3.99, 3 for $10

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