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Raw Whole XL Turkey Wings


Whole raw turkey wings, best suited for medium to giant breeds.

Large bones (350-450g), sold per piece.

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Raw Whole Turkey Wings are very meaty and can be fed as a meal replacement or as a chew between mealtimes. These are large bones (350-450g each) and are best suited for medium to giant breeds. You can feed the wing whole or separate it into sections for a smaller chew.

Raw bones are a good way to maintain your pet’s dental health, and chewing is a great outlet for your dog’s physical energy while also providing mental stimulation. The action of gnawing on a bone, bully stick or other chew releases endorphins, which have a calming and soothing effect on your pet. This is especially great when your dog has been cooped up inside and is feeling bored and restless, or when they’re in an unfamiliar place and need something to help them settle in.

For more information on feeding your dog raw bones, check out our blog post!

*True Carnivores recommends that you always supervise your pet while chewing any item, and that you ensure the chew is suitable for your pet’s size and chewing habits.

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