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Large Water Buffalo Horn


Large horns are approx. 300g each

These horns are partially hollow, and can be filled to occupy your dog and encourage chewing!

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Water Buffalo Horn

Water Buffalo Horns, what are they? These horns are growths that protrude from the skulls of the animal and are made up of two components:

1) bone
2) keratin

The bone is the center, or core, of the horn and is fused to the bone of the skull. The bone core is covered by a resilient sheath (protective covering) made of keratin. This sheath is what makes these horns.

What is keratin? Keratin is a tough, non-mineralized protein that not only makes up the sheath of the horn but is also a primary component of the buffalo’s hair, nails, claws, and hooves. Keratin is a family of proteins among the most important and versatile compounds in nature.

Keratin is a tough protein that when chewed turns slightly gummy. These horns are a perfect, long-lasting treat that will make your pet happy and satisfied!


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