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Bulk Wild Pacific Mackerel – from $3.99/lb


Great for medium to large dogs, or cut into chunks for smaller pets! Approximately 3-5 fish per pound.

2lbs = $4.95/lb

10lbs = $3.99/lb  Best Value!


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Wild Pacific Mackerel are an excellent fatty fish option for your medium to large dog, or cut into chunks for smaller pets! Mackerel is one of the most nutrient-dense fish options available, packed with essential Omega-3 fats, and high levels of Vitamin D. If a whole mackerel is a little too much for your dog to handle, you can thaw it slightly and portion into manageable chunks before refreezing. Your dogs will thank you for this extra-special treat!

Many raw diets are lacking in essential Omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA). These fatty acids have multiple roles for biological function and are required for optimal canine health. Therefore, including ingredients with high concentrations of EPA and DHA is recommended for raw diets. EPA plays a critical role in regulating inflammation, while DHA is important for maintaining nerve cell structure and function. Essential fatty acids, specifically DHA, has been scientifically proven to be necessary for cognitive development and function. Research proves children (and developing puppies) who receive a diet rich in DHA have higher cognitive function and learn better!

You can make sure your pet is receiving enough Omega-3 fats by feeding fatty fish a couple times a week, or giving an Omega-3 oil daily. Feeding fatty fish is preferred, because the delicate oils begin to go breakdown and turn rancid when exposed to air and sunlight. The opaque packaging and expiration date on fish oils will ensure they are still safe to give your pets, but feeding whole fish ensures the optimal condition of these essential fats, as well as giving your pet the benefit of variety in their diet!



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