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Fulvic and Humic Acids for Dogs and Cats

What is Fulvic and Humic acid?

Fulvic and humic acids are chemical compounds found in soil that help plants grow and eventually end up in the fruits and veggies we eat. In the beginning of time, our soils were rich with fulvic and humic acids and therefore we were getting the benefits from consuming the produce grown in this healthy soil. Now, why are these acids so important for our health? They are one of the most chemically active compounds found in soil, meaning that they contain an array of nutrients: hormones, fatty acids, ketones, flavonoids, and vitamins and minerals. Over time our soil has been depleted of these acids due to the use of pesticides and other chemicals being sprayed on crops. This is why fulvic and humic acids are now being taken in supplement form- most commonly known as blackwater.

Where do they come from?

Fulvic and Humic acid are compounds that make up something called humic substance, which is what makes up a major portion of the organic matter in soil. As the organic matter breaks down, these acids are released into the soil along with beneficial microbes that promote healthy, prosperous plant growth. The fulvic and humic acids then end up in the produce we consume and then into our cells, making them more efficient at absorbing nutrients.

What is the difference between fulvic and humic acid?

Fulvic and humic acid are very much one in the same. The main difference is that fulvic acids have a much lower molecular weight and a higher concentration of oxygen making it possible for them to penetrate through cell and mitochondrial membranes. Humic acid is not permeable to cell membranes and is not soluble in water under acidic conditions, making it easier to extract with acid solutions. Fulvic acid tends to be lighter brown/yellow in color and humic is a darker brown/black.

Why are they referred to as “acids”?

Fulvic and humic acids have a pH of about 4 making them very weak organic acids. Fulvic acid is also a buffer and an antioxidant, which means it can accept or donate a proton wherever one is needed. This helps the fulvic acid to buffer our body cells, preventing too much pH fluctuation. So scientifically the term “acid” is correct, however it can be misleading due to common misconceptions of the word “acid” as some dangerous concoction bubbling in a laboratory.

Why should we give our pets Fulvic and Humic acid? What are the benefits?

The benefits of fulvic and humic acid comprise a long list, which keeps getting longer and scientists discover more about this compound. It’s main benefit is that it allows our cells to become more permeable and absorb nutrients better. This has a number of positive effect on our overall health. Have you ever noticed your dog eating dirt or poop? This is actually because their bodies are craving minerals and this is how they would instinctually get it. Below we have outlined for you some of the benefits of fulvic and humic acid:

  • digestion – improves absorption of vitamins and minerals from food
  • cellular health– allows water to enter cells at a faster rate, improving hydration. Fulvic acid contains over 70 chelated minerals which helps to facilitate entry of fulvic acid into cells as well as speed up enzyme activity
  • brain health – allows nutrients to enter the brain, combating fatigue, tiredness, and stress
  • diabetes – has been shown to offset diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels
  • antioxidant– helps rid the body of harmful free radicals, prevent damage to cells
  • anti inflammatory– reduces pain and inflammation

Are there any side effects?

One thing to keep in mind when taking fulvic acid is that you should never mix it with chlorinated water (such as tap water). This is because chlorine reacts with the organic substances in the acid, forming cancer causing compounds. Be sure to only mix with filtered tap water or bottled water.

After reading this blog you may be thinking “Why aren’t I taking this amazing supplement for myself?!” And the answer is you should! Fulvic acid works the same way on people as it does on animals, and we have proof! Many of our staff and customers take our fulvic acid and swear by it. So come on by and pick some up for your pet and yourself!

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