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Back 2 Basics Duck Necks (Raw & Frozen) – 5lb Bulk Pack


Available in a 5lb Bulk Pack

Fully edible and digestible meaty bone, approximately 50% meat and 50% bone content.

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Back 2 Basics Duck Necks

Raw Duck Necks are available in a 5lb bulk pack. Hormone and antibiotic-free! Duck necks are approximately 50% meat and 50% bone content.

These bones are nature’s toothbrush just like femur and knuckle bones are but they are better at cleaning the back teeth as dogs try to gnaw on them using their molars. They also have enough meat on them to be an occasional meal replacement. Duck necks are also a great source of calcium and phosphorus and can be used as a great snack as they are fully digestible!

Some customers may be worried that a duck neck could be a choking hazard compared to other bones, but they are quite soft and crunchy and dogs can chow down on them quite easily when thawed. If you want it to last longer or on a hot day, you can serve it frozen!

For more information on feeding your dog raw bones, check out our blog post!

Important: True Carnivores recommends that you are present during the feeding of all bones to ensure your dogs safety. Always choose an appropriately sized bone (the bigger the better) to avoid the chance of your dog swallowing it whole. Otherwise, have fun with it! Bones are an important part of any dogs raw food diet for beautiful teeth, not so bad breath, and something rewarding to pass the time. Your dog will surely have a bone to pick with you if you leave these out!

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