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Back 2 Basics Pork Liver Cubes – 1lb Portion Pack


Pork Liver is a great addition to a homemade diet, and suitable for both dogs and cats.

Available in 1lb vacuum-sealed bag.

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Back 2 Basics Pork Liver Cubes are approximately 1 ounce each, making them easy to add to your dog or cat’s diet. You can defrost and mix them with your pet’s food, or even feed them frozen as a cool treat! Just make sure to supervise your pet so they don’t try to swallow it whole!

Organ meats are an excellent addition to white-meat diets which tend to be high in bone content and lower in organs. This will help to better balance the meals nutritionally, and avoid the hard, chalky stools that can sometimes be seen when feeding chicken, turkey, or other bone-heavy meals.

Liver is very rich, and feeding too much can cause loose stool or very dark poo. We recommend starting slow with small amounts, and gradually feeding as much as 5% of your pet’s diet.

Pork Liver is known to be a concentrated source of vitamin A. Vitamin A assists in digestion, keeps reproductive organs healthy, and is a powerful antioxidant. Liver is also a great source of folic acid, B vitamins, iron, and copper.

Since pork liver is very high in vitamin A, it is recommended not to feed over 5% liver in the diet. The 5% liver ratio provides more than recommended allowance for vitamin A. Increasing the amount of liver beyond 5% can provide too much vitamin A in the diet.

Ingredients: pork liver

This product is great for those who are looking to make their own pet food at home because of its simplicity and great value. For tips on homemade raw feeding, please see our blog post!

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