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Back 2 Basics Venison 20lb Bulk Box (1lb Portions) – $9.00/lb


Venison is a lean, novel protein for cats and dogs. Available in 1 pound vacuum-sealed portions.

*Please note this product contains muscle meat only. Great for those who make their own or even cook their pet’s meals.

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Back 2 Basics Venison is an excellent novel protein choice for cats and dogs. Venison is a very lean protein, making it a healthy choice for pets who may have gastrointestinal issues, pancreatitis, or other conditions requiring a very low-fat diet. It is also a great base proteins for those that wish to cook their pets meals.

*Please note that this formula does not contain organ meats or bone, and is not considered nutritionally complete on its own for long term feeding. You will need to add your own organs (or vitamin and mineral supplement intended for balancing a homemade diet) and a source of calcium such as raw bonesbone meal, or eggshell.

You can feed on its own to consider any allergies for short term  or rotate with other complete diets to balance the overall diet.

Back 2 Basics Venison Ingredients: 100% ground venison

Nutritional Analysis

Protein: 21.8%

Fat: 7.1%

Calcium: 0.01%

Phosphorus: 0.20%

Calories: 120/100g

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