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Carnivora Chicken Diet 4lb Sleeve – $3.74/lb


Chicken Diet (without veggies) – portioned in .5lb patties

*Due to the nature of whole-prey diets, it is normal to see some variation in colour between batches due to seasonal changes and the animal’s diets.*

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Carnivora Chicken Diet is a balanced meal option for your dog and cat! Following a whole animal prey model, this meal gives your pet a feast that closely mimics what they would eat in the wild.  Carnivora’s Chicken Diet is recommended as part of a rotational diet including other white and red proteins along with tripe and raw bones!

Whole animal prey model: the whole animal carcass – mimicking that which would naturally be found in the wild including all of the best cuts of meat, bones, and organs (not just the leftovers).

Ingredients: Finely ground whole chicken carcass: meat, bones, heart, kidney, liver

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