Carnivora Variety Box – from $4.20/lb


Carnivora Variety Box is a 25lb bulk box with an assortment of red & white proteins.

1 box = $4.40/lb

2 boxes = $4.20/lb

*Due to the nature of whole-prey diets, it is normal to see some variation in colour between batches due to seasonal changes and the animal’s diets.*


Earn up to 210 Points.

Carnivora Variety Box is a 25lb box with an assortment of red & white proteins in a whole prey model.

The box contains 3 proteins each of 50% white meat: Turkey, Chicken, Duck, or Rabbit, and 50% red meat: Beef, Goat, or Lamb!

The Carnivora Variety Box is a great choice for pet owners looking for a variety of proteins at a great price.

Consider adding tripe to aid in digestion and offer a natural probiotic.

Whole animal prey model: the whole animal carcass – mimicking that which would naturally be found in the wild including all of the best cuts of meat, bones, and organs (not just the leftovers).

25lb box of assorted proteins.

Portioned in 1/2 lb patties.



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