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Back 2 Basics Raw Fermented Goat Milk – 975mL Bottle


Made with goat’s milk from BC and Alberta family farms. Happy Goat Guarantee that all farms use humane husbandry and handling practices.

Available in a 975mL bottle. Store frozen and refrigerate after opening.

Save when you buy a case of 6 – only $8.32 each!

*Please note that it is normal for the milk solids to separate after thawing. Simply shake to mix before serving.*


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Back 2 Basics Raw Fermented Goat Milk is a probiotic superfood for dogs and cats.

Suitable for all life stages, goat’s milk is a perfect whole-food supplement for your pet’s diet to provide them with additional vitamins and minerals as well as beneficial bacteria, probiotics, and enzymes for healthy digestion and a robust immune system. It is also a great hydration booster for those feeding freeze-dried diets, and to keep your pet hydrated in times of high activity and hot weather.

Back 2 Basics Raw Fermented Goat Milk is Happy Goat Guaranteed, coming from farms in BC and Alberta that use humane animal raising and handling practices.

Raw fermented goat milk can aid in the management and treatment of the following issues:


Goat’s milk contains natural antihistamines, which can help ease allergic reactions and symptoms such as itching and inflammation. Allergy symptoms are exacerbated by an over-reactive immune system, and the probiotics from fermented raw goat milk help to support healthy immune function.

Bone and Joint Health

Milk’s benefit to bones is well known, but it is also rich in vitamin K2, which controls the binding of calcium in bone and tissues, and may also benefit dental health. Raw milk is also the best source of glutathione, an important antioxidant that slows down the body’s degenerative processes. These two nutrients provide a protective function to soft tissues and joints, for ease of mobility as your pet ages.

Cancer and Epilepsy

Cancer cells feed off sugar, and some pet parents opt to put their pet on a keto diet while undergoing treatment or to manage cancer without other treatments. Keto is also a popular diet choice for those with epilepsy. Goat milk has an excellent ratio of fat to protein for supplementing a keto diet. Goat milk is also a good source of taurine, which has important functions in the brain, eyes, digestion, and heart. Taurine is an essential nutrient for cats as they cannot synthesize taurine and must receive sufficient amounts from their diet. But further to these many health benefits of taurine, it also has antineoplastic effects, which means it inhibits or prevents the growth and spread of tumors and malignant cells.


Goat’s milk contains less lactose and is easier to digest than cow’s milk due to its smaller protein and fat molecules. This makes it a great dietary supplement for pets with digestive issues such as IBD and leaky gut, for an extra boost of nutrition that doesn’t put a strain on their compromised digestive tract. Fermenting raw goat’s milk adds beneficial bacteria and probiotics to support the immune system, aid in healthy digestion, regularity, and less gas. Raw fermented goat milk is an especially helpful addition for pets who have just come off a course of antibiotics, as they deplete the natural gut flora in the process of killing off pathogenic bacteria.


Goat’s milk contains high quantities of caprylic acid, which is antimicrobial and used to inhibit yeast growth. In addition to this, the probiotics and enzymes in raw goat’s milk will help to foster a robust colony of healthy gut bacteria, further reducing yeast.

Feeding Instructions

You can increase the amount daily if you choose, but we recommend you start here to avoid any initial digestive upset from probiotic supplementation:

  • Small size dogs or cats: 1 tsp – 1 tbsp
  • Medium size dogs: 1 – 2 tbsp
  • Large Dogs: 2 – 3 tbsp

Serving Tips

  • This item can be kept in the fridge for up to 14 days. If you will not use the entire bottle within that time, we recommend portioning and refreezing. Goat milk ice cubes are a convenient way to portion and add goat’s milk to your pet’s meal, and on a warm day, they will appreciate a nice cold pupsicle!
  • It is normal for the milk solids to separate after thawing, simply shake to mix before serving.
  • This raw milk is fermented and is normal and expected to have a bit of a tangy smell, like plain yogurt.



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