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Pets Go Raw Assorted Econo Pack – $3.20/lb


25lb bulk box, portioned in approx. 1/2 lb patties.

Please note these boxes are pre-made and we do not know the mix of proteins inside. This box is only suitable for pets who don’t have allergies and aren’t picky about proteins.

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Pets Go Raw Assorted Econo Pack is a 25lb box (portioned approximately in 1/2lb patties) with an assortment of proteins. The boxes contain a majority of chicken and turkey with fruits & vegetables, but can also contain any proteins that Pets Go Raw produces such as salmon, beef, pork, or lamb. These Econo Packs are a great choice for pet owners looking for an economical food choice while providing a variety of proteins for their pets. Made in Cranbrook, BC.

Supplement with your own organ mix  or consider tripe to aid in digestion and offer a natural probiotic. This meal is recommended as part of a rotational diet including raw meaty bones.

Product Description

Contains at least 3 different proteins – one of which will probably be chicken. Turkey is also in most cases, as is some beef. All of our other proteins (pork, lamb, salmon) will be included as we are processing them and have some ‘left over’. The proteins may be mixed together or could be separate. That is, one patty may have chicken and lamb in it while another may have turkey, beef and pork. These are just examples of possibilities.

We consider this a balanced diet, as there is at least 95% of our full meals in every case. We have updated the processing of our variety pack to make sure that we have more of the full meal in every case. There would possibly also be 5% of our protein w/ veggies & fruit mixes (these do not have eggs, liver or kelp). There will be no protein-only patties in a case

This is an option for people whose pets are not food sensitive as we do not mark down which proteins are in any one case. Because we are making use of our extra product at the end of the day, we can offer this at a great price!

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