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Rawbone Mixed Protein Beef Meal – from $5.29/lb


A blend of beef meat and organs, chicken frames, veggies, organic kelp powder, vitamins and minerals. Made locally!

Available in 1lb tubes in a 6lb or 24lb box

  • 6lb = $5.49/lb
  • 24lb = $5.29/lb
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Rawbone Mixed Protein Beef Meal is made in small batches in collaboration with certified animal nutritionists; our balanced and complete pet meals are perfect for all life stages. We strive to create products that are made with human-grade ingredients that are coarsely chopped and minimally processed so you can see what’s inside. Each meal is blast frozen and formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO & NRC Guidelines.

Each Rawbone Mixed Protein Meal contains:
  • Lean Muscle Meat – This is the main source of protein, amino acids, fats, vitamins, and some minerals.
  • Secreting Organs & Organ Meat – The liver and other organs assist in supplying protein, amino acids, vitamins such as vitamins A and B, and minerals such as iron and copper.
  • Bones – This is the main source of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Vegetables – This is the main source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins such as vitamins E and B, and minerals such as manganese, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Beef, Chicken Frames, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Broccoli, Spinach, Chia Seeds, Organic Kelp Powder, Vitamins & Minerals.


Energy (Kcal/100g) 156.5
Protein 16.77%
Fat 9.14%
Carbohydrate 1.12%
Moisture 71.68%

Detailed nutritional analysis can be found here.



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