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Real Raw Chicken with Beef Organs and Grass-Fed Beef Tripe – 20lb Box for $3.50/lb


70% Whole prey chicken ( Including meat, organ and ground bone), 20% Grassfed green beef tripe, 10% Grassfed beef organs: Finely ground liver, heart, kidneys, tongue, spleen, lungs


*Due to the nature of whole-prey diets, it is normal to see some variation in colour and even smell from the tripe between batches due to seasonal changes and the animal’s diets. Natural crystallization may also occur as the product is not vacuum-packed.*

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Real Raw Chicken with Beef Organs and Grass-Fed Beef Tripe

Real Raw Blend Chicken with Beef Organs is made from whole prey chicken with 20% grass fed and finished beef tripe and 10% grass fed beef organs.

Real Raw is made up of a team of dedicated and hard working farmers from Saskatchewan who are proud to produce a superfood that sets our product apart from others.

We use grass-fed, grass-finished beef tripe and organs, which is the rich contents of the stomach, in all of our recipes. Adding our grass-fed beef tripe provides your dog with a natural source of probiotics, digestive enzymes, vegetation, minerals, and Omega 3’s! Aiding in digestion, keeping balance in the gut flora, and aiding in boosting the immune system.

We strive to create a simple, affordable, and healthy superfood to keep your dog’s health at its peak!

Read more about the benefits of tripe here!

Ingredients: Whole animal chicken, grass fed beef tripe, grass fed beef organs (Finely ground liver, heart, kidneys, tongue, spleen, lungs)

*These patties are cut by hand with a sawblade, which may at times leave cut marks on the surface. As the blade cuts through the frozen product, the friction creates heat and you might find the occasional patty with a “burn mark”, this mainly happens with higher-fat proteins such as chicken, pork or lamb, and is just a result of the fats coming into contact with the hot blade. Care is taken to let the blade cool down between cutting, but occasionally there will be a few patties with these marks. These patties are perfectly safe to feed as the marks are simply caused by heat and friction.

What is grass fed beef tripe?

Adding grass-fed beef tripe to your dog’s diet is not only a natural source of probiotics and digestive enzymes but also a good source of fibre & vegetation, minerals, and Omega 3’s! Together they aid in digestion, keeping balance in the gut flora, and boost the immune system! Something to keep in mind is that not all tripe is equal.

Some tripe is made from the lining and the content of the stomach, some tripe is just the lining of the stomach, and most tripe is made from grass-fed, grain finished beef. When cattle are grass fed and grain finished their omega-3 stores rapidly decline meaning your dog is not 100% benefiting from their tripe. With Real Raw we make sure your dog is getting 100% of the benefits tripe has to offer keep your dog strong and healthy!

What is whole prey chicken?

Whole prey diet is when your pet is given the entire animal carcass ground or whole. With Real Raw, this means that the muscle meat, bones and organs are all ground into each patty,  therefore, your dog is not eating meat derived from trim and bits & pieces. They are instead benefiting from the entire animal sustaining balanced nutrition and phosphorus:calcium ratio!

Nutritional analysis:

Moisture: 61.56%
Dry Matter: 38.44%
Crude Protein: 12.66%
Crude Fibre: 0.70%
Fat: 22.52%
Ash: 2.88%
Calcium: 0.86%
Phosphorus: 0.51%
Magnesium: 0.04%
Potassium: 0.14%
Sodium: 0.12%
Sodium Chloride (calc from sodium): 0.32%
Sulphur: 0.13%
Copper (mg/kg): 3.29
Iron (mg/kg): 64.28
Manganese (mg/kg): 10.32
Zinc (mg/kg): 29.64
Cobalt (mg/kg): 0.16
Salt, Soluble Chloride: 0.04%
Gross Energy For Dogs (kcal/kg): 2,825.38
Metabolizable Energy for Dogs (kcal/kg): 2,480.93

Calcium-Phosphorus ratio is 1.7 to 1

This product, in rotation, has the ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio for puppies.

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