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Wild Pacific Herring 10lb Box – $3.49/lb


Feed herring as part of a meal to add Omega-3’s to your pet’s diet, or serve whole as a nutritious treat!

Available in a 10lb box (approximately 40-60 fish per box depending on size)

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Herring are an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acid, vitamin D, calcium, selenium & phosphorus which support bone strength, cellular function, cardiovascular health, and overall wellness. Herring is an oceanwise choice, and is sourced from local fishermen.

Feed a few times a week to add Omega-3 fats to your pet’s diet. You can even feed them frozen to help cool down your pet on a warm day! If you’ve got a smaller pet, you might want to split the fish into 2 or 3 portions as they are a healthy, but rich addition to the diet.

Sold by weight – each pound offers 4 to 6 herring, depending on the catch. You can also save on our bulk 10lb box if you’ve got a pet who’s a fish lover, or multiple pets.

Nutritional Information

(based on the average weight of one fish – 3oz/85g)

Calories – 166

Total Fat – 12g

Omega-3 fats – 1.6g

Protein – 14g

Calcium – 71mg

Iron – 1mg

Potassium –  360mg

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