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Everyday Raw Variety – 12lb Box


A blend of quality meats, wild seafood, and fresh veggies for a healthy and balanced diet.

Contains 4lbs of each of Classic Harvest, Reef N’ Beef, and Farmhouse Fare.

Available in 2lb portions (total box weight 12lbs) – $6.58/lb

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Everyday Raw Variety is a simple and convenient option to achieve a complete and balanced diet. Everyday Raw Variety contains 4lbs (2x 2lb portions) each of the following Blends: Classic Harvest, Reef N’ Beef, and Farmhouse Fare.

Everyday Raw is Red Dog Blue Kat’s is our value line for non-picky pets:

  • Mixed protein formulas (complete and balanced with rotation)
  • Conventional vegetables (non-organic)
  • Simpler packaging
  • High quality, hormone-free, and ethically raised animals… ALWAYS!
  • Vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen for maximum freshness.
  • HACCP Certified for best food safety!

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