Raw Pig Ears


Raw pig ears are a soft and healthy chew for your pet

Sold per piece and individually vacuum-sealed

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Raw Pig Ears are a healthy and fun chew for your pets!

They are a good source of essential amino acids and fats for energy. Similar to dehydrated ears, raw ears are primarily cartilage which provides high amounts of chondroitin for joint support, as chondroitin is one of the main building blocks of cartilage in joints. Therefore, pets with joint issues will benefit from diets that include foods with cartilage.

In addition to the dietary benefits raw ears provide, they also provide a mental enrichment for pets. The act of extended chewing promotes an endorphin release and helps maintain dental health, as well as providing exercise and strengthening for the neck and jaw muscles. Raw pig ears are soft, malleable, and easy on the teeth. They’re perfect for dogs with sensitive teeth or for those who prefer a gentle, leisurely chew. Because of their soft, pliable texture, pig ears are best suited to pets who are careful and thorough chewers, and not recommended for dogs who tend to gulp or want to swallow large pieces whole.

*True Carnivores recommends that you always supervise your pet while chewing and that you ensure the chews offered to your pet are suitable for their size and chewing habits.

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