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Back 2 Basics Beef Kidney (Raw & Frozen Cubes) - 1lb Bag

Beef Kidney, cut into bite-sized pieces

Excellent source of selenium, B-Vitamins and Vitamin D.

Available in a 1 pound pack


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Beef Kidney is an excellent organ choice for homemade diets, to be used in addition to a balanced diet as a nutrition boost, or to complement a formula that does not contain organ meats. It is recommended to feed kidney in amounts of up to 5% of the total diet.

Beef Kidney offers a highly concentrated source of selenium and provides a wide variety of B vitamins. Kidney, specifically beef kidney, is a better source of vitamin D in comparison to the other organ options.

Selenium plays a critical role in immune function and is a rich source of antioxidants. Selenium also supports the thyroid and pancreatic health, aiding in the absorption and digestion of fats.


Nutritional Analysis (per 1 oz/28 g)

Moisture – 77.89%
Protein – 17.4%
Fat – 3.09%
Carbohydrate – 0.29%

Top Nutrients (per 1 oz/28 g)

Vitamin B12 –  7.8 mcg

Vitamin B2 –  0.81 mg

Vitamin B3 –  2.27 mg

Vitamin B6 – 0.19 mg

Vitamin D – 0.225mcg

Selenium – 39.5mcg

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