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Bulk Beef Bone Special from $2.95/lb


Nature’s toothbrush and hours of chewing fun for your pup!

These extra-large bones average 1-3lbs per piece. Sizing will vary.

  • 5lbs for $3.59/lb – (2-3 bones)
  • 10lbs for $2.95/lb – (4-6 bones)

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Beef Bone Special is a great recreational bone that will take forever for your dog to chew it down! These beef or buffalo joint bones have less marrow than femurs and have more cartilage so it is softer as well. We recommend these bones for all types of dogs, especially puppies to help relieve their teething pains. You can serve it frozen on a hot day to help cool your dog down and have it last longer or thaw it first to make it really enticing for dogs. For more information on feeding your dog raw bones, check out our blog post!


Buffalo or Beef Joint Bones

*Please keep in mind that the bones may not look exactly as it does in the picture and sizes and shapes vary depending on the bone.



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